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There are ordinary fog wipes and then there is patent-pending FogBlocker. This revolutionary new product designed by biotech scientists is a game-changer compared to the most popular anti-fog solutions. A FogBlocker dry wipe can be used well over 500 times and lasts all day! Its ultrafine microfiber cloth can be safely used on any lenses including those that are coated. You can even apply it to all your PPE plastic guards and goggles

FogBlocker wet wipes work instantly on most lenses including those that have coatings. It comes in a package of 20 and is a single-use anti-fog wipe and lens cleaner. It’s easy to use, fast-drying and one coat can last all day! The wipe also cleans dirt, grease, and does not smear. Simply wipe and dispose. It's perfect for those people on the go!

Other anti-fog products don't always work on all lens coatings, leave streaks, or may take several minutes to work. Those formulated with soaps or alcohol are not long-lasting and can be flammable. Some of the most popular anti-fog sprays on the market may cause eye irritation and can only be used on the outer lens surface. All-natural FogBlocker wipes cover both inner and outer lens surfaces without any eye irritation. Simply wipe your lenses or PPE gear and get the longest lasting and safest solution to combat fogging

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The best and longest lasting anti-fog wipes on the market for glasses, goggles, face protection gear

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